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How You Can Help

The needs of His Branches are many and varied. We serve any and all who come to our door whether through our own outreach or from referrals within the neighborhood. This diversity affords us an opportunity to make an impact at many different points in the personal journeys of those struggling with crisis in their lives. We value the opportunities that the Lord brings our way and operate each day with the heart and mind that each encounter is a gift to be cherished and treated with individual care.

We invite you to join us in reaching out to our community. The following is a list of ways that you can immediately make an impact on our behalf for the well-being and encouragement of those who truly are in need:

Volunteer Needs

Our ministries are dependent on volunteers for

  • Embracing Options – crisis pregnancy and STD screening counseling
  • HB Community – our many ongoing community outreach activities
  • HB Health – classes in nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • His Branches – planning, newsletters, mailing list management

Financial Needs

You can help local women and families who are coping with stress, illness, or unplanned pregnancy, knowing that:

  • 100% of your donation helps us provide vital services.
  • 100% of your donation stays in the Rochester area.
  • 100% of each dollar donated is appreciated by our patients, clients, neighbors, and all of us who work on staff or volunteer time to meet the needs of the underserved in our community.

Due to rising costs and loss of employment, more and more of our patients are using our Sliding Fee Discount Scale, which bases the cost of their visit on their income, to pay for appointments. In addition, many patients come to us on Medicaid, which pays significantly less than our usual “fee for service” charges. With the increase in patients that are uninsured or on Medicaid we’re having a very difficult time keeping up with our overhead costs of staffing, space, vaccines, malpractice insurance, etc. Please help us keep our doors open to all who need our services!

We’re looking for ongoing investment to help us:

  • provide care to the uninsured and underinsured poor
  • train volunteer doctors and nurses to do ultrasounds for Embracing Options
  • fill new counseling and medical positions
  • connect with potential donors
  • contact area foundations/corporations
  • develop long-term partnerships with individuals and churches

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All donations to His Branches are tax-deductible.