Collaborative Partners

Developing synergy with those around us

In addition to the community work of the Arnett Block Association and others, the reproductive health counseling of Embracing Options (EO), and the medical services being offered by the providers at by His Branches Health, His Branches also maintains collaborative relationships with other institutions. These collaborative partners are part of a broader vision for our community in which we desire to go beyond individual medical needs to address broader community needs.

The current ministry partners consist of the Gerhardt Neighborhood Outreach Center (GNOC), which focuses on assisting youths and families stricken by the medical, psychosocial, and economic effects of poverty on Rochester’s northeast side; Medical Community Christian Fellowship (MCCF), which networks local providers of faith with students; and Project Urge and other organizations which strive to connect and unite urban, suburban, and rural churches, organizations, and individuals in the Greater Rochester area, working together to break down barriers of poverty, race, and despair in the name of Jesus.

We feel we are developing a synergy with our current collaborative partners that will allow us to address a multitude of community concerns with the help of others who have complimentary expertise and skill. Looking beyond these, expanded opportunities and relationships are already underway with local neighborhood and community action groups to further advance our mission and vision.

Collaborative Partners

Gerhardt Neighborhood Outreach Center
Medical Community Christian Fellowship
Project Urge

Local Community

Agape Counseling Associates  
CompassCare Pregnancy Services
Connected Communities
Elim Bible Institute  
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms
19th Ward Community Association
Roberts Wesleyan College
Rochester Area Right to Life Committee
Southwest Area Neighborhood Association


Christian Community Health Fellowship
Christian Medical & Dental Associations  
Hospital Christian Fellowship
Care Net