Family Health Care

Comprehensive family medical care

His Branches has been sponsoring comprehensive family medical care in Rochester’s 19th Ward and surrounding community for 40 years. We take care of every member of the family with patients ranging from newborns and children through adolescents and adults right up into seniors in their 90s. Click here or on our logo above to visit our dedicated website.

We help women through pregnancy, labor, and delivery and take care of them and their babies in the hospital. In addition, we recognize that everyone’s life has a vital spiritual dimension that often becomes especially important during times when personal health and relationships are changing. We take time to be thorough, listen carefully and sensitively, take your concerns seriously, develop plans together, and arrive prayerfully at a place of agreement about how to handle each situation. As health care providers trained in evidence based healing, we are focused on educating you and providing tools to help you manage your own care. Click on our logo above or picture below to visit our website, find out how you can enroll as a patient, or access resources online.

Our first office, Grace Family Medicine, opened on Arnett Blvd in 1978 and our second office, Joy Family Medicine, opened on the corner of Bay and Goodman Streets in 2008. Both offices are committed to being “Patient Centered Medical Homes” – places that make you feel at home and surround you with medical care that fully addresses your needs. As your primary care provider, we accept the responsibility for coordinating your care across medical specialists, hospitals, nursing facilities, and with a number of community resources. This also means that we are interested in your complete medical history and and information about care obtained outside of our practice.


At His Branches Health Services you and your family become part of a medical home where the care we provide is motivated and inspired by our common faith commitment to serving our loving Heavenly Father and our neighbors in ways that are revealed in the person and life of Jesus, His Son.

His Branches Health Services is now fully-licensed by the New York State Department of Health to operate Grace and Joy Family Medicine as an integrated Community Health Center and is further recognized by the National Health Service Corps as the operator of two authorized primary care service sites.

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