Strategic Vision and Goals

Our direction for the future

Our Long-Term Vision

We look forward to a time when our community is brimming with God’s love, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, safety, and well-being.

  • We will be leaders in the initiative that transforms our neighborhood through strong collaborative relationships.
  • We will occupy a position of influence with local governments.
  • Our services will reflect our Christian values, and will be trendsetting in the field of community oriented healthcare.
  • Our organizational model will be sustainable and reproducible.
  • Our contributions to the vitality of our community will be regarded nationally as a model for community health, and
  • Our model will spread widely across the globe.

Long-term Goals

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  1. Integrate faith in ALL we do, bringing each person we touch into contact with the Living God.
  2. Have a financial plan that is flexible and ensures our ability to innovate, expand our reach, and retain talent.
  3. Develop a sustainable and reproducible organizational model, rooted in our values, focused on state-of-the-art services, and adaptable to community needs.
  4. Build strategic alliances that establish us as leaders in the field of community well-being.

Where we are now

Click here for a presentation of our Vision and Goals by Chris Pollock, Board Chair, at our 2015 Banquet of Blessing.

Review image for glimpse of one potential future:

Click on map for Democrat & Chronicle article about Poverty in Rochester.